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Dear Visitor!

I kindly greet you as a member of the Degenfeld family . In the life of our family Tokaj always played an essential role not only for the picturesque landscape but for the delicate wines as well. The wine growing and wine making traditions in the family go as far back as nearly one and a half centuries owing to the work of Count Imre Degenfeld, and we have preserved this passion through generations.

Now that you have visited the site of Gróf Degenfeld Castle Hotel you also may become acquainted with the special charm in which the history and modernity are coupled. You may take an insight in the traditions of our family, and you may get acquainted with the family values, you may get relaxed at the swimming pool in the wonderful park, you may do sports on the excellent tennis courts, but you may also become familiar with the mysteries of wine growing and wine making, enriching all these with experiences encountered in gastronomy.

Spend some pleasant days at us and I am sure you will also be charmed by the beauties of the Tokaj wine growing region!

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